Everything You Need to Know Before Opening a Salon

Are you ready to call it quits with your current employer and venture out
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Are you ready to call it quits with your current employer and venture out on your own? If you’re passionate about style and hair, opening a salon may be the right move for you. Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting step to take, no matter what city you live in or how long you’ve been in the industry. You can keep more of your earnings and even enter into a partnership with other barbers, hairstylists, or managers.

That being said, there are many moving parts to opening your own shop. Make sure that you create a business plan, find the right space, get the right legal requirements completed, and have all the right equipment. Also make sure that you’re showcasing your services and pricing and creating the right atmosphere with your own personal style. Here are a few key steps to keep in mind.

Create a business plan.

When you’re creating your new business, first outline your business plan. Ask yourself all the key questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What marketing strategies will you use to reach new clients and communities?
  • What is your plan for supplies and vendors?
  • What is your cost structure and budget?
  • What will the legal structure of your business be (LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.)?

The answers to these questions will have you on your way to creating a solid, realistic plan for success.

Find the right space.

Of course, you’re going to need a space for your salon. You may be starting small out of a garage or an extra room in your home, but your barbershop will be able to grow even more if you can invest in a building or space, whether renting or buying. When looking into possible spaces, make sure that you can actually afford what you’re looking at before you fall in love with it. You need a space that’s close to where you target market is, so stay within certain boundaries.

Get the right licenses and permits

Every business has to obtain a license to operate. You also need to register your business and the name you decide on, as well as obtaining a certificate of occupancy, any applicable building permits, and a state cosmetology license. Insurance for your salon is another requirement.Go down the list of legal necessities and make sure you have everything before you open the doors so that you’ll be able to start strong.

Get the right gear.

Next is finding the right equipment for your business. You’ll need beauty supplies (like brushes, hair dryers, curling irons, scissors, and combs), hair products, salon chairs that swivel, decorations, and sinks for shampooing. Make sure you look at each barber chair for sale so that you get chairs that make your clients feel luxurious. Chairs from Keller International are known for being the most comfortable and convenient option, so start there.

Showcase your services.

One of the most important things your customers will look for is a list of your services and pricing. Make that sure this information is easily accessible on your website, social media pages, and in the physical space. If a client wants to work with you but can’t tell what you offer or what you charge, they may go on to the next hairstylist in their area. Customers appreciate transparency and convenience.

Dress the part.

Finally, make sure you that have a plan for what to wear to work. What style do you want your salon to portray? If you want it to be casual, wear what you’d wear around town, like a summer dress or even shorts and a short sleeve blouse. If you’re going for a more professional vibe, try slacks and a white blouse for women from White House Black Market. Whether it’s sweatshirts in neutral colors or a blazer and a satin blouse, have your wardrobe decked out ahead of time. Your clients will feel more stylish being taken care of by someone trendy and well dressed.