The Many Uses of Industrial PC Touchscreens

Industrial panel PCs are growing in popularity as businesses look to find new ways

Industrial panel PCs are growing in popularity as businesses look to find new ways to improve communication and collaboration within their organizations. The use of the industrial PC touchscreen in the field is becoming increasingly popular in many industries. From manufacturing to the military, these devices are changing the way people work. Keep reading to learn more about the many uses of industrial PC touchscreens.

What is an industrial-grade PC touchscreen?


Panel PCs are an excellent choice for organizations that need a reliable and long-lasting machine to run their operations. Teguar’s industrial panel PCs are built to withstand the rigors of 24/7 operation in even the most extreme work environments. These machines are equipped with a fanless cooling system, which ensures consistent quiet, and reliable performance.

Each industrial touchscreen PC from Teguar is made from high-quality industrial-grade components designed to stand the test of time operating in harsh environments. In addition, the touchscreens and front bezels on all of their fanless panel PCs are IP65, IP66, or IP67 rated, meaning they are resistant to water, dust, and shocks. Their industrial panel PCs are also built with Intel Embedded Roadmap components, guaranteeing that you will receive up to 10 years of service and support from them.

When it comes to harsh work environments, dust and other airborne particulates are some of the most common sources of contamination, especially in manufacturing settings. These contaminants can enter computers and coat components, reducing performance, shortening product life, and causing outright failure. Teguar fanless panel PCs include unique thermal designs allowing fanless operation without ventilation holes. This protects the PCs from dust contamination, as they do not draw dust into their enclosures.

Fanless panel PCs are also sealed to protect them from other forms of contamination, such as oils and other liquids. This protects the PCs from corrosion and lengthens the product life. Additionally, fanless panel PCs are designed to operate in harsh environments, so they can be used in settings where other PCs would fail.

What are some of the primary uses for panel PCs?

Today’s industrial touchscreens are durable, reliable, and provide accurate and responsive input. They are perfect for use in applications where reliability and precision are key. Some of the many uses for industrial PC touchscreens include:

  1. Process control: Industrial touchscreens can control processes in factories and other industrial settings. Their accuracy and responsiveness make them ideal for this purpose.
  2. HMI/SCADA: Human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems rely on accurate, responsive input to function properly. Industrial PC touchscreens are perfect for this type of application.
  3. Factory automation: Factory automation systems rely on accurate input to function properly. Industrial PC touchscreens are ideal for this purpose as well.

What is the need for industrial PCs in the military and aerospace?

Military aircraft require the most advanced and reliable technology available. That’s why they rely on aerospace-grade computers. Teguar’s rugged industrial PCs can handle even the most extreme conditions, making them perfect for use in military aircraft. With their high-capacity control, commands, communications, intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, mission planning, and situational awareness capabilities, aerospace-grade computers are essential for ensuring the success of today’s military aircraft.

Why would the beverage and bottling industry need industrial PCs?


The beverage and bottling industry is under a lot of pressure to keep prices low without sacrificing quality. Teguar provides computers that can help simplify production processes and cut down on excess costs, so companies can focus on creating products that their customers will love. Through streamlining production and eliminating extra costs, their industrial computers provide solutions that work. This allows you to focus on what’s important – delivering beverages that offer value and satisfaction to your customers.

Industrial PC touchscreens have a wide range of uses in various industries. They are reliable and efficient, can be used for tasks in extreme environments, and are essential to many businesses and industries.