What’s An NAIC Number?

Did you just get into a car accident and are working to establish an
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Did you just get into a car accident and are working to establish an auto insurance claim? In order to get that claim processed, or acquire a DMV report, there’s a chance you may have been asked to reference your insurer’s National Association of Insurance Commissioners number.

What is an NAIC number?


An insurance company’s National Association of Insurance Commissioners or NAIC number is a five-digit number assigned in the United States to all licensed and authorized insurers. An NAIC number, as part of an insurance provider’s entry into this organization, assures that insurer follows the uniform insurance regulations established across different companies.

The goal of the NAIC is to promote competition within the industry in the U.S. while creating a fair environment for policyholders and insurance companies alike.

Most companies have a multitude of NAIC numbers, or NAIC codes, that vary from one kind of insurance to another. The NAIC number for auto insurance will not be the same as it is for a casualty company’s homeowners policy. By researching an underwriting company’s NAIC number, customers can review consumer reports about the insurer. This includes closed complaints, allegations of fraud, or action taken against the company, along with financial data.

Why is an NAIC number important?


The NAIC is state-based, but whether you’re in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Texas, or Alaska, their standards remain the same. The NAIC helps keep insurance companies in check while creating a uniform financial reporting system across the entire United States. The NAIC also helps to bring these companies together to facilitate any additional information, while ensuring payouts on insurance claims.

The NAIC functions as a central source of information, providing regulatory tools, as well as services that some insurance and casualty companies may not have in their own states.

For an insurance policyholder, the NAIC provides information about your insurer’s complaints, financial health, and their licenses spanning various types of policies. The NAIC also allows you as the insured to file a complaint against an insurance carrier. NAIC numbers protect the public interest while facilitating the fair treatment of the consumer.

How can I find an NAIC number?


NAIC numbers and NAIC codes are easier to find than you think. For starters, policyholders can access the NAIC database and search for their NAIC number based on the company name, state, and even the type of insurance policy. A simple Google search can also get you the answer you need. Just simply type in your insurance company’s name and NAIC number into a search engine where you’ll likely be led to NAIC codes for insurers across the U.S. Just be sure that the NAIC code directly matches your state’s insurance policies and the specific underwriting company on your insurance.

The NAIC number can also be found in your glove compartment, on your proof of insurance card, along with the name of your insurer. That number can also be found on the declarations page of your policy.

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