4 Creative Ways to Use a Self-Storage Unit

When people run out of space in their garages for the stuff they no
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When people run out of space in their garages for the stuff they no longer use but aren’t ready to part with, they put it in a storage facility. Indeed, public storage companies across the U.S. are full of old sports equipment, out-of-vogue winter clothes, and people’s first furniture sets. However, there are also a lot of people who are finding creative ways to turn their self-storage units into much more than extra space.

If you’re one of those people who like to maximize their space, this article is for you. Continue reading to get some unique ideas for self-storage units.

Build an away-from-home office.


What could be better than working from home? You have the convenience of working within walking distance of your bed and refrigerator. Plus, there are no annoying coworkers to bother you while you’re trying to focus. Instead, all you have to contend with is a house full of people who don’t realize you need silence and think you’re available for store runs because you’re home. One of the most creative ways to use storage units is as an away-from-home office.

US Self Storage provides storage units of various sizes. Certainly, you can find a storage unit with more square feet than the cubicle you worked in before you began telecommuting from home. Furthermore, their storage facilities are climate controlled and you have convenient access around the clock. So, instead of letting the people in your house drive you crazy while you’re working, drive to your away-from-home office instead.

Build your own gym.


Going to a local gym can be a bit much sometimes. You have to compete with others for the sweaty gym equipment you all share. Also, it’s hard to ignore the temptation to compare yourself to others, which is a distraction from your fitness goals.

Many people dream of building a home gym but are held back by a lack of space in their home or a lack of buy-in from their spouse. However, with a large storage unit, you could build your home gym in your storage unit. The best thing about having your own gym is you won’t have to worry about competing with anyone for workout equipment or confidence except the person in the mirror.

Design the man cave you’ve always wanted.


There are plenty of other great ways to use your storage unit aside from working and working out. For instance, it could be the right place for the man cave you’ve always wanted but your spouse won’t let you build in the house. You read about the away-from-home office earlier, now allow us to introduce you to your run-away-from-home office.

Man caves have been becoming increasingly popular in recent years, so there are plenty of designs online from which you can draw inspiration for your own digs. When you close your eyes, can you see you and your buddies enjoying some cold ones and the big game at your haven away from home?

Use a storage unit as a warehouse for your small business.


Storage space is one of the common challenges small businesses face. However, if you need somewhere to store your products until you’re ready to put them on the shelves, a business storage unit is the perfect solution. The key is to find a safe storage facility near your business so you can quickly access your inventory.

People all across the United States are coming up with creative and lucrative ways to use their extra space storage. You can use your self-storage to run a small business, build a man cave or gym, store expensive and seasonal toys, and of course, for extra space to declutter your home. As you can see, there are plenty of creative ways to get great value out of your self-storage unit.