The Role Dedicated Servers Play Across Different Industries

In the year 2020, technology has a powerful role to play in pretty much every industry.
a man using a laptop

In the year 2020, technology has a powerful role to play in pretty much every industry. While the sheer presence of computers was an impressive development in the world of business only a few decades ago, nowadays computers and the internet are changing the way whole industries operate. From providing more fine-tuned data analytics to help inform important decisions to automating production and supply chains, technology is a force to be reckoned with in almost every sector of the industry.


Especially with the role the internet is playing in many companies, having the right server technology can be crucial to keeping your business up and running. Servers are the backbone of many companies, allowing employees to access the right applications and files in a secure manner while online. As such, there’s been a rise in popularity in the use of dedicated servers to handle these sorts of tasks. Read on to learn more about dedicated servers and how they’re being in a few different industries.

What is a dedicated server?



In its simplest terms, when you choose to operate using a dedicated server, it means that you’re getting to lease a server from another company that won’t be shared with other clients. For example, in a traditional server model, you may host your website with a company like BlueHost, GoDaddy, or HostGator (just to name a few). If something goes wrong with that hosting provider, your entire website will be down—and so will any other companies using those hosts. Server downtime is a major problem for many companies and can seriously hurt their business. As such, many businesses that can afford to are moving to dedicated servers instead.


It’s also worth noting that dedicated servers are more secure and flexible than building your infrastructure on a traditional server model. Dedicated servers allocate all of their resources to your business, offering unprecedented performance and availability. Even better, dedicated servers are scalable, so that you can grow your business without having to switch hosts. All of these features make dedicated servers an ideal choice for many businesses.

How are dedicated servers being used in real estate?



In the world of real estate, there’s a growing trend to build out unique websites for each property listing. A benefit of this sort of approach is the ability to let someone “see” a property 24/7 without the presence of an agent. This allows for a deeper experience surrounding the open house process and serves as an extra marketing tool, too. That being said, if your website goes down because of server maintenance, that downtime is time that a potential buyer may look to a different property instead. Dedicated servers ensure that any website you’re hosting has a far smaller chance of going down, thanks to the fact that all resources on that server are earmarked for your site. Real estate leaders of property management companies such as John Foresi, Venterra CEO, can find a powerful ally in dedicated servers. After all, much like individual property websites, having a property management company’s website always functioning means that you’ll never miss a potential tenant application.

How are dedicated servers used in software development?



In software development, dedicated servers are a major boon to any company looking to scale its product as demand increases. A great example of this has to do with online game developers, who need servers to host multiplayer games. If your game becomes the next Fortnite or Among Us, having the ability to upgrade and scale your server quickly and efficiently can be the difference between keeping your player base happy or losing them to the next hot thing. The added security offered by dedicated servers is another major benefit for software developers who don’t want to fall victim to a cyberattack.