How To Prepare for a Career in Packaging

Over the last year, many jobs and workplaces have changed. However, there are some
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Over the last year, many jobs and workplaces have changed. However, there are some very crucial jobs that have proven essential to companies in remaining operational and successful in meeting their goals, as essential as CNAs and EMTs are in the healthcare industry. Nowhere else in the United States has there been a surge in stability than the packaging industry, providing the best experience and most professional means for shipping and meeting consumer demands, no matter the corporation being served.

With that in mind, there’s never been a better time to consider a career path in packaging, as the work itself is not only stable, but can be challenging, lucrative, and has more than its fair share of creative facets for employees of all talents. Here, we will look at some of the most interesting and important elements in the packaging industry, and if considering a career training program in the field is a good fit for you and your future.

Preparing for a Career in the Packaging Industry


Like any skilled profession, the packaging industry has numerous training programs and career training options, no matter your experience or skill sets. Although a high school diploma or course work at a community college is a standard prerequisite for any profession with longevity and advancement in mind, a participant in learning the packaging trade can garner quite a bit of hands-on learning, as well. Operating a shrink wrap machine and the safety precautions of shrink wrap, learning to stretch film, as well as the proper ordering and use of poly bags, bar sealers, and the variety of sizes of shipping cartons used within a warehouse are all crucial elements of skills taught in a training program.

Aside from learning the proper safety and operations of factory maintenance, there are also various jobs within other divisions of large shipping industries. For example, U.S. Packaging and Wrapping not only has a large team of warehouse operators and experts but also divisions with the creative marketing branch, as well as opportunities for management and executive positions. If you’re looking for a diversity of opportunities, there are also shipping and packaging positions in every industry from food and beverage to automotive and construction. But the skills learned from the completion of the program in packaging and shipping provide an excellent option for getting your foot in the door to a lifetime of stable, lucrative work.

Types of Jobs In The Packaging Industry


When you think of a job in the packaging industry, you may have instant images of warehouses with conveyors and assembly lines. While those are incredibly important facets of daily operations, those jobs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the array of positions within a packaging company. If you’ve received a certificate or set career goals in that area of production, you may be qualified as a mechanic, a machinist, or engineer, all of which are essential. If you’ve studied business and accounting, however, the sales and marketing departments can lead to ample opportunities for management and career growth. Likewise, graphic designers are always an asset for website and packaging designs, as well as blog post design and newsletters.

As stated above, aside from the diverse options within the packaging industry, there is an incredible fact that’s always in demand. The recent surge in online shopping, coupled with the trends of organic foods and food delivery, has only added to the openings for every facet of packaging. Even startups and independent companies have slowly begun to outsource their shipping and packaging needs, creating new jobs within the industry.